A Neutral Dining Area for Open Concept Living

Neutral Dining Area Open Concept

Why do you think it works from a design perspective? While all the colors are neutral, the composition makes a design statement.

Repeating Elements Make it Work

  • There is a black/charcoal in the bookcase, the pottery, the curtain hardware, the art, the pendant chain and the chairs.
  • There is white in the Roman shades, the walls, and the conical pendant.
  • The table, the pendant, and the pottery are round.
  • The color of the table is repeated in lighter tones in the rug, and in the balls in the fireplace.

If you add to this the inviting texture of the rug, and the use of dining chair covers with black horizontal “ticking” stripes running horizontally, it all looks wonderful together.

With a bit of determination, this look can easily be put together on a tight budget!  How many people reading this are living in an apartment with white walls?  You don’t have to be a design expert to do this!  But, if you need help, Done in a Day Decorating is always here to help!