New Lives For a TV Armoire and Wall Unit

All of the furniture in this finished basement has seen different lives in past homes for this client. A bar area, a comfy place to watch movies, and general “spiffing up” of the large space were items on the budget-minded Christmas list for this family.

Finished Basement

An old TV wall unit housed the small TV as well as components which were no longer used. The display cabinets literally displayed hundreds of DVDs.


On the way to the basement I could not help but notice a large TV armoire which was overpowering the corner of the living room. It had been purchased for a different home. Surely it could be retrofitted for pull-out drawer storage in the basement if it could be cut down in height significantly.

Now for that wall unit! What if it could be made into the back wall of a bar? I quick search of the Jordan Furniture’s site found a very affordable oak bar with all the right dimensions for the plan. We pulled the wall unit’s top bridge out of storage and took the top off the TV cabinet to make a counter. Voila! Now we have a bar area with real use of the display area — for the family’s vacation mementos.

Add a larger TV and stand, a few rugs, a coat of black paint and new seats for the chairs, and lots of things important to the family on the walls, and they have a “new” room to enjoy without spending tons of money!